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A Non-Profit Organization for Social Awareness & Education

Our goal is to promote American values by creating social awareness and educating people about being better human beings.  We also want to bring our economy back and make America a real promised land.
Our Vision: 21st Century-skilled workers in a vibrant & thriving American economy

New Book!


History Matters for Children explores the influence of eight young individuals who have made a difference: Ruby Bridges, Shirley Temple, Louis Braille, Wolfgang Mozart, Agnes Bojaxhiu, Ji- li Jiang, Helen Keller, and Anne Frank.

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KTBS Coverage of Safa's New Book

Safa Michigan Wins Student of the Year!


Gov. Jindal Praises Made In America


Congressman Fleming Endorses Made in America


Don't Drop Out Campaign


  • We engage children and their communities to stress the need to finish their education
  • Community organizations, churches, and other non-profits are partnering with us
  • Our center helps students with their homework and preparing for standardized tests
  • We are working to combat teenage pregnancy, truancy, bullying, and survival crimes
  • We conduct seminars where children help others by sharing their own stories

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Buy American Campaign


  • Our non-profit encourages children to buy American made products
  • Children are motivated to ask their parents to look for US made merchandise while shopping
  • We arrange essay competitions in the schools entitled 'How to bring jobs back to America?'
  • We arrange field trips with local retailers where children search for American made products
  • We are encouraging local and national business leaders to manufacture more products in the USA

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Buy American News Coverage - KTBS

Buy American News Coverage - KTBS
Buy American News Coverage - KTBS
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Buy American News Coverage - Shreveport Times
Don’t Dropout Campaign
Don't Dropout Campaign
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Anti-Bullying Campaign
Anti-Bullying Campaign
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Essay Competition
Essay Competition
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Buy American News Coverage - KSLA
Spelling Bee Competition
Spelling Bee Competition
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Safa Michigan Writes Children’s Book

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